EPL Table


There is no telling what the first half of the epl table will look like for this up coming season. Smaller teams are seeking out the best players they can get for the little cash they have, hoping the new signings they make propels them to the upper level of the premiership. While bigger richer clubs splash their cash on upcoming young or accomplished players, aiming to capture the coveted BPL trophy or if not, a top four UEFA Champions League (UCL) spot would not be frond up on.


Picture of Oscar

Reigning Champions League (UCL) king, Chelsea, have now completed the signing of the 20year old Brazilian play maker Oscar from Internacional for a fee said to be around $25 million Wow what a difference a Champions League win makes. Following an almost scary season Chelsea now look to be possible contenders for the premiership. All they have to do is find a real striker to replace Didier Drogba, Torres in my eyes is burned out, despite his Euro 2012 golden boot accomplishment, he needs a real jump-start. Can new signings Edin Hazard, Marin and Oscar re-light the fire that once burned brightly in the heart of the Spaniard? I really don't think so.  I hope the "Torres syndrome" does not rub off on Juan Matta. To the back-end of last season I could have sworn I say glimpses of it in him.

Picture of Arsene Wenger and Robin Van Persie

Is Arsene Wenger finally getting the point? Man, you need to start spending some money, remember...the cash register does not belong to you!. With the scare of his most valuable player (Robin van Persie) refusing to sign a new deal, and ravenous vultures in the form of Man United, Juventus and Man City hovering, threatening to take his prime rib, the top coach is doing all he can to bolster his team, trying to look a worthy contender for the epl title, but will Van Persie stay? Robin Van Persie has been with Arsenal for eight years where he missed most of every season due to injury, still Arsenal stood by him. For the last two seasons he has been virtually injury free. The 2010-2011 season was one of his best where he netted a total of 22 goals in all competition. This good form spilled into the 2011-2012 season where he topped the league with 30 goals and 37 in all competitions. Now from 2004-2010 his highest goal tally per season was 11 goals, all because he was always injured, don't you thing he is a bit ungrateful when Arsenal stood by him for so many years? Repaying the club who stood by you through all your downs shouldn't be so hard young man, don't you think you are a little selfish?

Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll

So I spoke about Fernando Torres in a not so pleasing way (if you are a Chelsea fan), but Andy Carroll wow. This kid has being taking some stick ever since he made the $35 million move from Newcastle to Liverpool. Yes I agree his performances have not measured up to expectations but "oh my word" he hasn't being given any space to breath. The constant pressure he has being enduring is not for the faint of heart. Could you handle it, could you do any better? Now Newcastle with their intention to sign Carroll, has made it clear they are not going to pay any thing near the price tag Liverpool bought him for. Current liverpool boss  Brendan Rodgers says he will accept offers of around $20 million for Carroll but I say he will go for at least $5-$7 million less than $20. The blame undoubtedly has the go to liverpool. Why would one pay so much for Carroll in the first place? Ok I know he scored 17 goals in 39 appearances for Newcastle to help them regain Premiership status from the Championship then went on to score 11 in 19 appearances, and that's great. After all that is it logical to throw $35 million on a 23-year-old who had just two good seasons for the club but at the time never had two consecutive premier league seasons under his belt, never truly tested in the EPL, what were you thinking? So if he makes the move to Newcastle how much of a starter will he be?..... The EPL is a crazy world. Until the next post, "Enjoy the EPL Table the Real Way"




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